My favorite holiday is near. With comfort foods and family, Thanksgiving makes us reflect on what we are thankful for.  I am thankful for the unconditional love our pets give and the many things they do for our well-being.

A smile immediately crosses my face when I spot a dog on a walk or a cat sunning in the front window.  Smiles are medicinal.

A purring cat on your lap lowers your blood pressure.

Our pets help us through hard times with comfort and open ears.  Almost instinctually, they lay right beside us when we are down or not feeling well.

Dogs get us out for exercise and fresh air even when we would rather put our feet up.

Those animals that get to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes or go to libraries to “read” with the learning disabled ease the tension and bring comfort and hope to so many.

Service dogs that ensure safety in airports, are in combat, or work in search and rescue missions are truly heroes.

Those dog that are trained by inmates give them a new purpose and positively influence their lives.

Thanks goes out to the many organizations who help rescue animals.  With disasters becoming more common combined with a growing population of abandoned animals, their work becomes increasingly necessary.  Members put in many hours to find foster homes, organize fundraisers and ultimately re-home many deserving animals.

Lastly, I am thankful for clients who take such good care of their pets, which can include some unforeseen financial burdens.  You are truly blessed.

Since Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season and if you can’t come up with a gift for someone who owns a pet, consider a donation to a deserving organization in their pet’s name.

Courtesy – Dr. Carla Edwards