Keeping Those Pearly Whites Clean After Dentals

Imagine you just spent $400-1,000 on your pet’s dental prophylaxis and now their oral health is perfect. The teeth are free of tarter and the breath is fresh. So, how do you keep it this way and prevent needing a dental again next year? Of course, brushing their teeth two to three times a week [...]

Winter time: The good, the bad and the ugly

We are now in the middle of winter and the holidays festivals that were warming our spirts are over and now the cold and snow is the only thing left for the next 2-4 months (remember April 2018?).  Yes, welcome to Wisconsin!  Our pets like it or love it, puppies are fascinated by the snow [...]

Starting off on the right paw

Usually delivery of new puppies and kittens is natural and uneventful but being aware of a few things may help. During delivery (called parturition), the puppies or kittens should present one at a time occasionally interchanged with placentas’. It is important that the bitch (dog) or queen (cat) clean the newborns and begin nursing the [...]

Learning to walk into a healthy life

After “Starting off on the right paw”, it is time to start to establish the puppy or kitten’s own immune response to the infections they will be exposed to during their life. This means vaccinations at set intervals established by the manufacturers approvedby the USDA (the federal regulator of vaccines). Except for some certain special [...]

Knowledge is Power

With the passage of marijuana laws in various surrounding states but not in Wisconsin, there can be fears by clients that if their pets should accidently ingest their illegal products that reporting to their veterinarian what was/suspected eaten will result in fines, reporting to the police or other agencies. However veterinarians are held to the [...]

Ouch! Laser Therapy?

Dr Carla Edwards Sometimes we get aches and pains with accidental injuries or chronic conditions. We seek out treatments to help heal or make our pain more manageable. Our pet friends rely on us to help them with pain. Keep in mind, dogs and cats often hide chronic pain from their owners. They may hide, [...]

Non-Traditional Love

  As many are aware dogs and cats have been a part of our lives for years. For many people, we grew up with them and besides our parents and siblings are the first loves of our lives. However, some people haven’t been able to enjoy the companionship of these furry ones either due to [...]

Leptospirosis – No longer a country dog disease

We have seen an increase in outbreaks of this fatal disease in our area. The rise has come about, in part, due to the misconception that most dogs have a minimal exposure to this bacteria unless they are country dogs and the decrease in vaccinations driven by the concern of more-than-normal vaccine reactions. Both are [...]

GRASS: To Eat or Not to Eat

Have you ever wondered if your canine companion is actually a goat? Mine can be, especially in the spring and early summer. The reason is he likes to munch on grass when we go for walks after our cold winters. I am constantly saying, “Allin, stop eating grass- you’re not a goat!” When your dog [...]

Tips for A Successful Visit with Your Cat

Cats are quite the homebodies and have their daily routines outlined pretty well over the years. So, scooping them up and taking them to the veterinary clinic is definitely not on their agenda. Some preparations and tips can help you decrease their anxiety. The first tips involve the dreaded carrier. Consider the size – not [...]