Knowing when to say goodbye to our furry family members is a tough question to answer.  However, with the support and guidance of your veterinary professionals, this decision can be made a little easier.

Euthanasia is an unfortunate experience that many pet owners will encounter.  Veterinary staff are trained to help guide owners to make the best decision for their pet.  Veterinarians will not say “the time is now”; however, with results from a physical exam, diagnostic testing, and timeline of disease progression, they will give you the medical outlook for your pet.  From there, you can make the decision that’s best for your pet.

No one wants their pets to suffer and owners need to assess the quality of life.  This can be accomplished by judging if your pet is hurt, if they are hungry or have difficulty eating, if they dehydrated and do not want to drink, if they seem happy, or if they are able to get around without too much difficulty.  More simply put, what is the ratio of good days to bad?

If your family is fortunate enough to have some time to make this decision, it may be beneficial to make those last days as special as possible.  This can be accomplished by taking your pet to their favorite spot one last time.  A lot of owners choose to spoil their pets with foods that are typically off-limits, such as a hamburger and fries.

However, it would be wise to discuss if treating your pet with such is advisable.

In addition to your veterinary professionals, there are pet-loss support groups specifically designed to help with the grieving process.  This is an emotional time and reaching out to one of these avenues may help you.

Euthanasia is not an enjoyable event but it can be a peaceful transition for your much loved family member.  Please remember the good times and that your memories cannot be erased.

Courtesy – Todd Yaekel