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Don’t Be a Scaredy-Cat

Taking your cat to the vet might be one of the most dreaded things – next to cleaning up dog poop after a long winter. Veterinary visits have been associated with much fear and anxiety for not only pets, but also pet owners. Fear-free veterinary visits have been a more recent shift in veterinary medicine, [...]

Welcome November

My favorite holiday is near. With comfort foods and family, Thanksgiving makes us reflect on what we are thankful for.  I am thankful for the unconditional love our pets give and the many things they do for our well-being. A smile immediately crosses my face when I spot a dog on a walk or a [...]

A Cost of Not Spaying

Most of us have our pets spayed and neutered during the first year of life to avoid pregnancy and contributing to the pet overpopulation.  However sometimes the surgery is delayed for various reasons whether financial, being told by a previous owner that the surgery was done, “silent” heat cycle, to have the option to breed [...]

Is Grain Free the Way to Be?

Grain-free veterinary diets have become a popular topic. With a recent trend towards humans eating “gluten free”, many pet owners made the switch to grain free. Many believe grains are fillers that lack nutritional value, and diets containing corn and other grains provide diets are low quality. Corn and other grains provide diets with a [...]

Planning for the Unexpected

We almost never expect a pet emergency and often scramble to pay for the costs of care and surgeries when time is of the essence. There are several options that should be considered to pre-plan for the costs: 1. Start a savings account dedicated to the payment of routine visits, possible emergencies, non-elective surgeries and [...]

More To Love

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a chubby furry friend to cuddle up with? There’s more to love then, right? Although the best way to my heart is through my stomach, feeding your pet is not the only way to give them some lovin’. Having an overweight pet can shave approximately 2.5 years off his [...]

Lumpy Bumpy Got You feeling Stumpy?

As your pet gets older, it is common for them to become “lumpy and bumpy”.  Many lumps are benign (not often harmful), but others can be quite scary. It is recommended to monitor all lumps your pet may have by noting their size, color, shape, etc.  Characteristics of a benign mass often include slow growing, [...]