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Food allergies

Food allergies are becoming more common in people worldwide. Food allergies seem to be increasing in dogs and cats too. However, we do not have solid data to confirm this hunch. Food allergies are a specific thing. Gastrointestinal upsets caused by food (or treats) are either immune in origin (food allergy) or non-immune in origin (food intolerance). [...]

Two ways to Help Your Pet

Many things affect the health of our pets. A number of these influences are out of our control. Veterinarians never know what malady might await them when they enter an exam room. A dog with diabetes? A cat with hyperthyroidism? A dog with an ear infection? We never know. Veterinarians do know that there are [...]

Dog vs Cat vs Squirrel

I am a veterinarian who likes cats a lot. You, therefore, know right from the start of this article what side I’m on in the dog-vs-cat debate. If you’ve ever had me as your vet, you’ve heard my spiel.  Having a cat as one’s pet is like having a pet squirrel. But having a pet [...]

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