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Feline Feeding Pitfalls

Through we want our cats to eat all at once, we may be doing more harm than good. By thinking about their natural behavioral instincts, we can help our cats from becoming too thin or too heavy and eliminate stress. Mimicking their ancestral need to hunt for food, cats “graze” by eating small amounts at [...]

A Senior Moment

As our beloved pets get to those senior years, we all want to deny the fact that they are getting older. Some signs are physically obvious like greying of the muzzle, more warts/growths, decreased mobility, stiffness, and hearing or vision loss. But what about the less obvious cognitive changes that develop gradually? Sleep/wake cycle [...]

Taming Ear Infections

Ear infections can be difficult and chronic if not treated promptly and thoroughly with the proper steps to success. First step: Otoscope exams help to evaluate the lower canals and the ear drum. We look for the degree of swelling and character of the discharge. Swelling behind the ear drum indicates a middle ear infection and [...]

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